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Our Management Structure


Bob Hope


James Hope


R. Aslett
W. Hope


K. Bonner
A. Roberts
S. Barrett
J. Perry
M. Hope
T. Tyas


Ian Keil
Doug Hunt
Dave Pope
Eddie Jarvis
Keith Lawrence
Darren Archer


Site Managers


Operatives & Drivers

What Our Clients Say

“It has been a real pleasure to have worked with you and a contrast to other companies with whom I have worked! A breathe of fresh air one might say.”
“We would like to extend our thanks to you and everyone on this project for the professional and efficient way in which this difficult job has been completed. Once again, Hope and Clay have proved to be extremely reliable and a cut above the rest.”
“Hope and Clay have been well resourced both in manpower and plant. And in our work with them we have found them to be an experienced and co-operative contractor. Well capable of dealing with the exigencies of day to day construction and attentive to project requirements.”

How We Operate

Hope and Clay is a long established company with a highly ethical reputation in our dealings with clients, suppliers employees and the community. We strive to exceed the minimum requirements in Health and Safety, Workforce Training, compliance and Public safety.

Safety Monitoring

We employee 4see Risk Management Limited as our independent consultants to advise and monitor all Health and Safety aspects of our operations.

“4See Risk Management Limited is the leading consultancy of risk management for clients who see risk management as an integral part of their business performance. 4See offers consistent delivery of understandable solutions because only 4See take the time to care about our clients business, staff and customers.”

Workforce Safety

We have developed a strong culture within the company to ensure that safety of our workforce is paramount. The management has invested heavily in the appropriate certification and training schemes to ensure that staff at all levels have the correct training and equipment to operate safely.


We have a continuing programme for improving our environmental performance. This is based on our belief that a strong environmental and social performance would help us deliver our business strategy and objectives.


We have invested heavily in training for all our employees. In house we have qualified trainers for many CSCS (Construction Sills Certification Scheme) and City & Guilds Street Works programmes, which is monitored both by City & Guilds and CITB (Construction Industries Training Board).

Additional training requirements are met by City & Guilds and CITB approved training companies.


Hope and Clay meet or exceed all legal and industry standard compliance practices and are members of the appropriate industry bodies and public sector agencies seeking to improve all aspects of the construction industry.